What is an NFT?

An NFT is similar to a cryptocurrency in the sense that it trades on a blockchain and has a monetary value attached to it. The difference between a cryptocurrency and an NFT though is that an NFT has certain characteristics that make it different from other NFTs, even if the two NFTs seem similar to one another.

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UpLift Art NFT (uplift.art)
Streetfighter NFT (streetfighter.cards)
Bitcoin Origin NFT (btcorigins.com)
New Values

Cryptocurrencies lack legal, monetary, and institutional backing that traditional financial services employ. Instead, cryptocurrencies provide trust through technology. The digital currency was released in 2009 and was heralded as a decentralised network for value exchange that would take power away from governments and big banks and put it in the hands of ordinary people.

- Be Your Own Bank
Learn to Hold
8 Years of Transactions
Starting 2013 - the NFT Space is still in its childhood. Dont miss the train.
Growing Community
The Group of People interested in DeFi is growing exponentially. 
irreversible Ledger
The Blockchain is a ever growing and irreverisble Ledger - at least until you find a timemachine.